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  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in any fields) from an accredited institution, from Thailand or overseas with 3 years working experience.

  • A submission of an English test (as specified by the University), taken not more than 2 years until the last date of the admission.

    a. TU-GET Score of at least 550, or

    b. TOEFL score of at least 550 for Paper-based, or at least 213 for Computer-based, or at least 79 for Internet-based, or

    c. IELTS score of at least 6.5

  • Students who are native English speakers will be exempted in this case.

  • If candidates do not have the score of an English test as specified above, and they have the score of TU-GET at least 400, or TOEFL Paper-based at least 400/Computer-based at least 97/Internet-based at least 32, or IELTS at least 4.5, candidates must have a GPA of a bachelor’s degree of at least 3.00 or they must either have a research publication or executive experience. Please note that candidates must take the English test with the score of not more than 2 years until the last date of the admission. In this case, the program may accept the candidates and the candidates must submit the English score as required by the University before the examination of the Independent Study. If not, candidates will be automatically dismissed from the program.

  • Prospective applicants to the GEMBA program who have not submitted their English proficiency scores during the application period are still eligible to apply for admission. However, successful candidates admitted to the GEMBA Program without the necessary English score test must provide the English proficiency score report by the end of the first semester, in accordance with university requirements.

  • A submission of a statement of purpose and/or a discussion of relevant job/business experience related to the program of not more than one page.
  • Pass English Interview Test by the committee appointed by the University.  Those who are based in overseas may be exempted from the interview in Thailand and the program committee will consider an alternate process case by case.


***Remarks: TU-GET Application & Examination Date

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